• ​​​​According to leading appliance manufacturers, dryer vents should be inspected and cleaned by a professional at least once a year. 
  • Most people are not aware of the importance and advantages of a professionally cleaned dryer vent, nor do they realize the dangers of a clogged dryer vent.
  • ​Through time, lint develops and eventually clogs your vent system, raising the potential for home fires!

"Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there"

Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Signs it's Time to Clean Your Dryer Vent:

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports dryer related home fires are on the increase. CPSC figures show that in one year alone there were 16,800 dryer fires which caused 30 deaths, 430 injuries and 97.3 million dollars in property damage.

Important Facts:

Lint Build up reduces your dryers efficiency, causing a higher energy bill since your dyer works harder to dry your clothes. A clogged dryer vent not only means your appliance is not operating at its peak efficiency, it also poses a safety risk in the form of potential fires. There are many benefits to having a clean and flowing dryer exhaust duct. Wiseventz's professional dryer vent cleaning process removes lint, debris, and clogs from dryer vents to ensure proper airflow through the venting system.

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  • Clothing does not dry completely after normal drying cycle.
  • Clothing seems unusually hot to the touch after a complete drying cycle.
  • Drying time for clothing takes longer than 35 to 40 minutes.
  • A Musty odor is noticed in the clothing following the drying cycle.
  • The Dryer vent flap on the exterior of the building does not properly open as it is designed to do during the operation of the dryer. 
  • More than a year has passed since the last dryer vent cleaning service.
  • You just moved into a new place. 
  • Excessive heat is noticed within the room in which the dryer is being operated.

Did you Know?

Bird and Animal Removal:

We Offer Free No Obligation Video Inspection!

Birds and Rodents have the tendency to make your dryer vent a home due to the warm environment it creates (Especially during the winter). This creates the same hazards as mentioned above and is known to worsen the situation. Wiseventz removes these pests during the cleaning Free of Charge. If necessary, Wiseventz technicians will install a Bird and Rodent guard on the exterior of the exhaust system for a small additional fee. 

Have Yours Checked Today:

Wiseventz cares about your safety. We urge you to have your dryer vents inspected and cleaned whether it's from one of our technicians or from one of our competitors. Put your family's safety in the hands of a professional. In doing so, you will not only keep your family and investment safe, but you will also improve the efficiency of your dryer, saving you money on your utility bill.